Eva, Who?

I'm an independent Product and Interaction Designer focused on innovative mobile applications, web applications, and future tech — mainly AR/VR. I have worked for companies such as Osmo, E-line Media, STRV, Toptal, and Vodafone. I have created products from pixel zero for several startups.
I value a complex understanding of all of the parts of the product. That is why I approach product design as an end-to-end process. I offer help with product strategy (e.g., monetization, acquisition), project planning, design leadership, design system architecture, user experience design, user research, user testing, user interface design, prototyping, and interaction design.
I'm a mentor in several programs, and I frequently give lessons at various educational institutions. Also, I have a YouTube channel, where I talk about product design, technology, and AR/VR. My newsletter "Friday Inspiration" focuses on self-learning and resources. I believe that education leads to innovation — innovation drives human progress.
End to End Design, What?
I’ve discovered that in the development of every digital product, there is a continuous conflict between the business side, user requirements, and the technical solution. This has led me to re-define my approach to product design:
“End to End Product Design is the approach of creating innovative, sustainable, and flexible digital experiences while considering human needs, technical possibilities, and business success.”
In my opinion, the best solutions should: recognize a business opportunity, react according to the market, scale up or down, consider the users, respect the high-end UI/UX industry standards, and ceaselessly optimize for development. I’m always looking beyond the design part of the process.
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Want to work with me or just grab a coffee? — Ping me! eva@evakuttichova.com